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"Julia Rabson Harris does a wonderful job as director, the actors seamlessly navigating the set and each other and easily making the transitions from one world to the next."

She Kills Monsters DC Metro Theater Arts

"Director Julia Rabson keeps the action moving and mines all the comedic moments for all they’re worth... Using the deus ex machina of the online game to broach some some difficult realities, “She Kills Monsters” has a charm and a bittersweet innocence in its delivery that is nicely captured by Silver Spring Stage."

She Kills Monsters MD Theatre Guide

"The play taps into themes of social behavior, conformity, and group dynamics [...] It is clear that these themes are apparent throughout the performance, asking the audience to examine their own biases and assumptions about minority groups and individuals" - Lucas Trevor, The Rival

Twelve Angry Jurors in The Rival

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