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Artistic Mission Statement

Much of our lives are spent hiding truth – what we want, what we believe, who we are. Through debate and confrontation – through tears, arguments, and fights – we unleash our true selves, if only briefly.


My theatrical work focuses on the crucial point of confrontation and beyond, which makes space for the audience to live their truth vicariously and empower them with clarity. Before any kind of progress can be made, we need to open our eyes and see the world for what it is and what it can be. The truth may be painful but without it, there is little chance that we will be able to have an intentional effect on the world. 


I do not aim to give easy answers or prescribe my own opinions as solutions to the problems of the world. I aim to provide an experience that asks the right questions. These questions are not an end but a beginning to larger conversations, confrontations, and questions that cannot be contained within the walls of the theater. Through my art, I aim to build coalitions of not-like minded people who will be unafraid to challenge each other to create better solutions.

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JULIA RABSON HARRIS is the Patron Services Manager at Constellation Theatre Company.



Julia grew up in Arlington, MA. She moved to DC to complete a BA in Theatre Arts from American University. While at American, she co-founded Open Dialogue Theatre, a company dedicated to using theater to promote open discussion and communication about pressing issues of the day.


Julia is a graduate of the National Theater Institute's Advanced Directing Program, Fall 2018.

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